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Domain Privacy Service

What is Domain Privacy?

When you register a domain name, you are required to provide valid contact information for your domain. This information is displayed in the public WHOIS and as such is searchable by anyone. In some cases this allows spammers to harvest this information in order to send spam. Domain Privacy alters the public facing WHOIS to show the contact information of your registration provider and a unique, non identifiable email address that forwards to the email address we have for you. Click Here for the full Terms of Service

How does it work?

Below is an example of what Domain Privacy looks like. The Name field is left as is however all the other other fields are modified to protect your personal privacy. The email is forwarded to the valid email address we have in our system so you get all correspondence regarding your domain.

Before Privacy

Registrant Name: John Doe
Registrant Organization: John Doe Company Inc.
Registrant Street: 50 Acadia Avenue Suite 302
Registrant City: Markham
Registrant State/Province: ON
Registrant Postal Code: L3R 0B3
Registrant Country: CA
Registrant Phone: +1.9054152681
Registrant Fax: +1.9054152682
Registrant Email:

After Privacy

Registrant Name: John Doe
Registrant Organization: Private Registration
Registrant Street: 2316 Delaware Ave Suite #266
Registrant City: Buffalo
Registrant State/Province: NY
Registrant Postal Code: 14216-2687
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: 866-434-0212
Registrant Fax: 866-434-0211
Registrant Email:

How do I set up or remove Domain Privacy?

If you purchased your domain through one of our resellers, please contact them to make any changes. You can find out who your registration provider is by doing a WHOIS lookup and reviewing the "Registration Service Provided By:" section. If you have any issues contacting your registration provider feel free to contact us.

How much does Domain Privacy Cost?

We provide Domain Privacy free of charge to our customers and resellers. If you purchased your domain through one of our resellers please contact them and ask to have Domain Privacy turned on.

Abuse or Trademark Infringement

Domain Privacy should not be used to infringe on trademarks or abuse internet systems. Although we do value your privacy, we are legally bound to provide the full contact information should an issue of trademark complaints, spam, law enforcement, etc. occur.

If you do have a complaint regarding a domain please email us at Please provide the domain name and a detailed description of the issue. We will investigate the matter and get back to you as soon as possible.

Complaints can also be mailed to

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